NOBA Nordic Baltic contemporary art platform

The Wheel of life, 2022

380 x 400 cm

glass, wood, led

The duo of light objects “The wheel of Life” uses the synthesis of materials between glass and wood, its frame incorporates an RGB light LED strip with the possibility to vary between the range of tones and intensity. The two objects of light, interconnected as a chain reaction, symbolize a course of life where the missing part of the circle line opens up opportunities for the unknown in the future. It is the choice of each individual to be active or passive in designing the course of their life. The most difficult thing is to jump into the unknown – “encapsulation” in the usual situation gives a sense of security, but it is only an illusion, because it must be remembered that there are no decisions that would not change. Fear of the unknown in the future paralyzes the ability to fully comprehend and fulfill the tasks of life and to improve them, perhaps more important is the fact that we get stuck in the ingrained frames of behavior in society, and there are different assumptions about how and what to do in appropriate life situations. may prove to be the wrong solution for prosperity. A person must understand the meaning of their existence, be able to identify their ego and personality, be able to use existing skills or shortcomings in self-improvement.