NOBA Nordic Baltic contemporary art platform

Linking the Past nad the Present, 2018


Acrylic on Canvas

The artist´s comment on the artwork:
“I went to the ancient lands and touched them with my heart. The places I marked with Linking Sigil now I call home, I can tap into the portal that opens for the one, who knows, I be at any time at any place at once. I see many possibilities, many ways how life can be lived. Feeling Unity of all that exist I don’t feel attached to any place in particularly. My body is a vessel, a time machine. Multiple personas and masks I carry within. Right Eye looking to the Future. Left Eye looking to the Past. Third Eye – relaxing into present. I accept my destiny, I calm the inner riot with the method of least resistance. The Serpent whispers to me the healing words of infinity. I surrender to the movement, nature’s choreography. Distorted and scattered looks my reality when I abandon the belief that there’s one right answer, that suits us all.. I am voyeurist of cosmic dance, caught in awe, unable to close my eyes. Accept and don’t expect, witness the self fitness as the journey into self has no end.”

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