NOBA Nordic Baltic contemporary art platform

I Saw Eternity and it Was Bizarre, 2018


Acrylic on canvas

The artist´s comment on the artwork:

“The birds in tortured skies sang songs of hunger of the hedonistic pleasures, the Serpent down below coiled the spine with fearsome wisdom. As above so below. I split my tongue and lick the gifts, brought on the plate, by fate, I polish them clean. You can’t hurt me, I carved myself the memory of facing darkest aspects of the inner abyss already. I’ve seen the darkest corners of the micro universe to understand the value of light. Connected with my fears as much as with wisdom to let them go. United we stand, divided we lay. Facing our darkest fears. Performing mental alchemy. I see myself not in the mirror, but in still motion frame. Heard and seen it all, I hug my mind, crippled demon, looking right back into my eyes. Facing what is inside I let the light in, the darkness out, transmutation in action, a spinning wheel. Unity with the shadow aspects is being reached. Brave are those wandering in the dark night of the soul where the sun rays don’t reach.

The new canvas series is called UNITY. It is the union between the brightest and darkest aspects of my soul. This is a documentation of the process of the mental alchemy. Art as meditation, as the bridge to meet your deepest thoughts and emotions. In this sacral moment I transform the darkness into light, I bring the inner fears and emotions from into the day light. It is a Magic world, these thoughts become the creatures. The numerology and symbols surround them, as I use art as medium to do what I wilt, what I was destined to do – to understand myself as the creator of my own destiny, reality. My universe – shadow self and me – in UNITY.”

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