NOBA Nordic Baltic contemporary art platform

Internal Affairs, 2019

100 x 100 cm

UV protection fabric, wind protection board, spruce, spruce bar, salt dough, sock, plastic bag, gravel, hinges, hooks, corner braces, brass eyelets, adhesive tack The background of the work is my research on dwelling as an activity based on physical, emotional and aesthetic needs, as well as private and public interior spaces as cultural infrastructures. I was also interested in gestures of hiding, withdrawing and taking shelter. In the process of making of the work, scale became a central component. It’s ambiguous, simultaneously referring both to furniture and architectural structures or makeshift shelters that an average sized human adult could enter, but in this case cannot. With this I hope to stir the viewers bodily sense of scale to widen the possibilities of identification and empathy. The work is drawn towards the wall because it’s a “safe” spot in a space, and towards itself because it aims to form a condensed “space within a space”, instead of taking over or transforming the whole room it’s exhibited in. It’s both depending on the wall to be able to keep its shape, as well as many small solutions of support and attachment between the different elements the construction consists of. With this I want to emphasise interdependence and often “invisible” infrastructures and labour enabling our everyday activities. The materials carry conceptual meanings as they refer to protecting buildings, humans or other creatures from weather (wind protection board, UV protection fabric), as well as interior decoration (turned wood) and low-key, home-made or made-by children crafts (salt dough). Kuvan Kevät is the first time the work is shown.