NOBA Nordic Baltic contemporary art platform

I rather be object, 2020

By marta vaarik
999 x 999 cm

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The precondition for any transformation is the end of the world. And that’s what Martas first film “I rather be object” is about. The path to spiritual perfection goes through darkness and suffering for the purpose of transformation and rebirth. Anxiety and depression can be messages from the subconscious that draw attention to the disharmony in the human soul. By believing that life gives us just the experiences we need, we can trust our suffering. A simple example is that a worm becomes a butterfly through puppetry. In order for change to take place, it takes time for us to reduce our activity, and in general, withdrawal is not encouraged in our culture. Our culture emphasizes results, execution, achievements, but during this period, transition itself is the main focus. Suffering during this period can and probably will reduce our authority, power, and dignity, we feel humiliated because the ego dies with old beliefs. Monster decides to be a woman and turn to soft values.

“I was a babe. I changed my appearance to be serious, I changed my hairstyle so as not to be an object, I started walking like a man so that no one would watch or grope at me. Good because the artist must be androgynous. Just a person. A character whose life is not driven by gender restrictions. Don’t be afraid of anything. Now I am like a chameleon, I can change my body’s attitude, gait, voice and nature according to the situation. What do you need?”

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