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Madara Gruntmane-Dujana Emerging artist

Madara Gruntmane-Dujana

Artist's country of origin: Latvia

Madara Gruntmane (artist, poet, and musician) was born in Latvia in 1981. Since 2015 she has participated in several international organizations, including Iowa University’s International Writing Program, Davenport FIGGE Art Museum Reading, Iowa City Book Festival, and various poetry festivals in Berlin, Ireland, Belgium, Greece, Croatia, Turkey, England, etc. She published three poetry collections Aizmīlestība (Afterlove. Riga: Neputns, 2022), Dzērājmeitiņa (Drunk Daddy’s Girl. Riga: Neputns, 2018), and Narkozes (Narcoses. Riga: Neputns, 2015). Her books have been published in UK and Turkey. Her video work “You too can be there” has been exhibited at the Kommagene Biennale in Turkey (2022). Her video work “Seen,” in collaboration with Estonian artist Alyona Movko-Magi was exhibited in the exhibition “I came here to be alone” in Tallinn Art Hall. In 2023, she took place in several group exhibitions in Riga.


AFTERLOVE by Madara Gruntmane-Dujana
32 x 32 cm
YOU TOO CAN BE THERE by Madara Gruntmane-Dujana
16 x 16 cm

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