NOBA Nordic Baltic contemporary art platform

BLICK, 2022



The work contains some retrospective reflections, there are allusions to surveillance technology, the uncanny valley of hyperreality, visualizations of modern architecture etc., yet the view and the soundscape are too universal to directly attach any of these conditions. I wanted to create a medium that does not propose any generalized understanding, you can only bring in the experience and carry out a feeling. Although these spaces are artificial (they’re filmed in a house model) imagination seems to be convinced by the verisimilitude of the view, intuitively creating explanations. As it is a demo-version of a real building that most likely will never be built, the space becomes in a way “locked” in the “before-memory” phase, it’s like a body in a coma, together with the soundtrack (white noise of an air conditioner and a light beeping of an activated alarm system) ensuring the emptiness and shallowness. Short-duration camera shots are just glimpses to the infinite, non-dynamic existence.