NOBA Nordic Baltic contemporary art platform

Flight, 2022


Pigment photo on aluminum composite (set of 21 photos), video 1’58”

Flight draws on two photo books as its sources of inspiration. Ravens (Karasu in Japanese) by Masahisa Fukase is hailed as a masterwork of Japanese photo art and can be considered one man’s journey on the path of self-discovery, raising questions on the true self. Murder, a photo book by the Canadian photo artist Guillaume Simoneau, enters into a dialogue with Fukase’s work and expands on the topic of existentialism. For Fukase, ravens became a reflection of himself. Simoneau uses ravens as an aid to help him suggest a world where light and dark can coexist. In my search of self, I was trying to find the answer, but it seems I am finding the question instead. Through these two photo books, ravens are becoming a different kind of symbol for me, that of the search for community and belonging. This photo series and video express the foggy veil of unknown and a search for direction but also the wish to belong and soar, thus drawing my studies and search of self to an intermediate conclusion.