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Heli Haav Emerging artist

Heli Haav

Artist's country of origin: Estonia

Heli Haav graduated from the Estonian Academy of Arts textile design BA (2013) and contemporary art MA (2023). In her practice, she mainly tackles subjects relating to humans and nature and has used primarily photos, digital painting, collage, and textiles as mediums. Not wanting to limit the practice to specific mediums, in her final MA project she experimented with animating the collages and projecting them on recycled textile installation while also working with the space itself. For the artist, it’s important to mix different mediums and techniques as well as research various ideas interdisciplinarily to be able to find fresh ideas and effects by combining layers and theories in newfound ways. For example, mixing mythology and psychoanalytical topics.

Mixed media

Lilith by Heli Haav
1 x 1 cm

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