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Laura Lowe Emerging artist

Laura Lowe

Artist's country of origin: Finland

My Masters degree has focused on exploring experimental changing paintings that change in front of the viewer’s eyes – reacting to temperature, light or grow into the exhibition space as a thick mass. My graduation work explores structural colour – in other words the surface colour of there paintings is formed my the reflection of light waves rather than by pigment. These MFA works were awarded the Anita Snellman grant. This spring I won the Academy of Fine Arts X Hotel GLO Art public art competition First Prize and also the Audience Favourite Award. I will be creating my first public commission for the hotel this autumn. I am largely self-taught and did my BA in Japanese studies with an emphasis on Japanese art. Last year I received grants from the Sasakawa Foundation and GK Ramstedt Fund to conduct collaborative artistic research in Japan for two months last summer with colleague Meri Hallenberg. The resulting works were exhibited in my most recent exhibition HEAVY ELEMENT at the Academy of Fine Arts Kuva/Tila gallery in March 2023.


At the Mountains of Madness by Laura Lowe
At the Mountains of Madness  
200 x 180 cm
Colour out of space by Laura Lowe
Colour out of space  
200 x 180 cm
Orpheus by Laura Lowe
400 x 225 cm

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