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Enn Tegova

Artist's country of origin: Estonia

Enn Tegova (born 1946 in Tartu) is an artist, whose entire oeuvre is strongly intertwined with Tartu. His paintings are characterized by a powerful metaphysical approach, quest for a mythical and magical beginning of things, influenced also by the pristine and wild nature of his home region.

Tegova is an extremely verstile artist who has tried out many art styles including abstract oil painting, neo-syrrealistic painting as well as works influenced by hyperrealism, use of installation, mixed media and performance art. He has been an active member of several artist groupings, including “Visarid“ and syrrealist grouping Para 89.

Looking back to the beginning of his road as an artist, Tegova has märked that everything began from frogs and his brother´s anatomy textbooks.

In 2012 Enn Tegova was awarded the Ado Vabbe visual art Prize.


Forms by Enn Tegova
111 x 175 cm
Libasiil by Enn Tegova
140 x 120 cm
Üksildane by Enn Tegova
93 x 57 cm
Kiirgav ruut by Enn Tegova
Kiirgav ruut  
76 x 85 cm
Transition by Enn Tegova
120 x 200 cm
Bird by Enn Tegova
116 x 89 cm

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