NOBA Nordic Baltic contemporary art platform

black sabbath, 2019

1110 x 2000 cm

Plaster, wooden beams, paint, styrofoam, fiberglass mesh, pallet boards ‘

“black sabbath” is a site-specific installation created specifically for the inner yard of Vilnius Art Academy. Author was working with the concept of an anti-stage, dividing one space into two. Both sides of the installation are approachable and visible – the “backstage” and the facade. The wall-like construction mirrors a patch of ground in front of it. The plaster-like texture prolongs a dialogue with the buildings surrounding the work. The bulky structure supporting a pixelated tissue-like membrane gives a sense of absurdity and the blue collumn of questionable origin ang quality continues to raise wonder in the viewers mind. As if in a dream while some elements seem argumented and in place, others arrive from completely different contexts. The blue collumn originated from cover art for “Black Sabbath’s – Dehumanizer” album and its blue shadow painted directly on the ground is an elongated extention that even more obviously connects the space around with this wall-like construction.