NOBA Nordic Baltic contemporary art platform

ækt, 2023

280 x 800 cm



The stage is set, even though I’m still behind the scenes. It is frozen scenography of the break and the act, which reveals or covers invisible, expanding the field of action and marks its publicly visible territory. In the further plan, in a solemnly crowded assembly hall, after endless attempts, images about the rules of the internal order of the space are formed. Curtains as a background can serve the expression, speech and also the political power, in any period of its development or declination. It can be decorated and, if necessary, these elements can be removed, leaving almost imperceptible imprints in the fabric. Installation incorporates a significant amount of metal pins (made in Russia), which pierce the soft mate-rial as a temporary attachment. Metal lines draw deformation in the flowing program of the festive situation. “ækt”, the word act. (from eng.) pronunciation record, printed indication for the recommended reading dictates or silently announces a response to a request.