NOBA Nordic Baltic contemporary art platform

20 - 150 Hz, 2019

1000 x 1000 cm

Textile, metal construction for height adjustment, loudspeaker for sound installation

The Piece “20-150Hz” is an interactive art installation made with 4 parts: a textile helmet, a soundtrack installed inside the helmet, an exposition of photographs of waveforms of the human heartbeat used in creating the soundtrack and a metal construction for adjusting the height of the textile helmet. The name of the piece represents the amplitude of sound frequency emitted by the beating human heart. The main function of this installation is creating an isolative environment that allows the participant to concentrate on the soundtrack inside the textile object. The main idea of the installation lies in the soundtrack. The sound piece starts with a slowed down tempo, meaning – abstract, unrecognizable sound of a heartbeat which over the passing time slowly reshapes into a natural tempo sound of a human heartbeat. This transition between the unnatural, unrecognizable into a natural heartbeat sound is an indirect message to the participant that reminds him to find time for quality self-analysis and for awareness in learning about your environment through an individual perspective.