NOBA Nordic Baltic contemporary art platform

Abandoned Body, 2019

200 x 400 cm

Digital painting: lightboxes, poster prints

Abandoned body is an interdisciplinary project, which analyzes the relation between physical space and virtuality, rethinks the notion of individuation through the state of constant flux. As a result of lockdown during quarantine, the separating nature of national walls and the walls of buildings had emerged. At the same time technology became the only tool which allows us to perform neccesary tasks such as work, shopping, cosialising, etc. On the one hand the body is isolated, while the mind lives a more interesting remote life. By reflecting on the situation of the biological body in the digitalized contemporary everyday life, this painting project has taken a hybrid shape, being produced from digital code. As a result of mediality and rematerialization, the problem of bodily despair is shaped by undecidedness, thus the body is compared to an outer shell or a prosthetic limb that can be altered at any time. The lightboxes reminiscent of an illuminated screen which were selected for the rematerialization of digital painting, are connected into a network. These lightboxes assemble into a disorganized body, a scattered entity, which during each exhibition process can change. By accelerating the effects of capitalistic apparatus through digital approach to painting, the problems of freedom and loss of an organic body emerge. It is hard to decide what are the conditions of freedom in the context of global instability.