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Raahel Rüütel Emerging artist

Raahel Rüütel

Artist's country of origin: Estonia

I want to inject with my creative work and outlook on life people with more tolerance and kindness, so that love and the courage to be myself don’t fall down. into a bottomless pit that is difficult to talk about. By pulling preconceptions to the knot, I want to make to make room for receptivity and acceptance. I engage in a search for meaning through philosophy, nostalgia and empathy. I like to live through a process or an event, document it, and later find ways to integrate it into my work. This is how an interesting and idiosyncratic conversation about love, being in one’s own space and pushing the boundaries of convention culminates, with a little bit of sketch and satire thrown in in between. You can see a lot of co-creation in my work, as I like to invent together, have a dialogue with someone and bounce ideas around. So you can have a playground where connections start to happen because we’ve given it a chance. Together with Kärt Heinver, we form a duo of artists who breathe and act together. Together we have created performance, public space, community projects and video works.


Deep Hanging Out by Raahel Rüütel
Deep Hanging Out  
1 x 1 cm

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