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Viktor Gurov Emerging artist

Artist's country of origin: Estonia

Viktor Gurov (born 1989) has bachelor degree in graphic design from the Estonian Academy of Arts in 2014, master’s degree (cum laude) in photography at the EAA Faculty of Fine Arts in 2018. Gurov has spent a year as an exchange student at the Aalto University in Helsinki. From 2012 Viktor Gurov has worked as a freelance graphic designer mainly in visual art field. He has designed various exhibition visual identities and publications, also is a guest lecturer in EAA. In 2018 started working in National Library of Estonia in the Exhibitions Department as a graphic designer. Gurov has participated in group exhibitions in Estonia and abroad. He is a member of an artist group named Neanderthal Cave School and member of the board of NGO New Material (art-project/magazine). He is also a founder of a graffiti group and streetwear brand Multistab.


The Birdwatching 1, 2  
74 x 49 cm
The Birdwatching 3, 4.  
58 x 39 cm
The Birdwatching 5, 6  
38 x 38 cm
The Birdwatching 7  
25 x 12 cm


Street Language, Strolling Texts, Fragmented Communication. Tallinn  
75 x 75 cm

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