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Neda Naujokaitė Emerging artist

Artist's country of origin: Lithuania

“When choosing motifs, I try to combine static and dynamic images, inside and outside, personal motifs, and the ones lacking character (non-place) – like clouds floating in the glass of a lonely car, light coming through the window of my grandmother’s house or a gleamy reflection inside the car on a sunny summer day with highways, car lights, the scenery through the train window. In my works, I analyze how the images and fragments speak about particular places and experiences. I emphasize the importance of lighting, reflections, or specific details of the environment, as well as the importance of introspection and change. I notice that these aspects activate consciousness and visual thinking, which help me to remember different places, their atmosphere, and depth. This way of representation creates an atmosphere of intertwined memory and experience. While, with the video material, I try to develop a kind of cacophony, the mechanical and speedy dynamics of traveling from one point to another, contrasting with the stillness of multi-layered painting.” Neda Naujokaitė (b. 2000) is an artist of the young generation, who was studying in Kaunas Art Gymnasium and just graduated from Vilnius Academy of Arts, painting department. 2021-2022 studied in the Netherlands, ArtEZ Academy, BEAR program. Since 2016 participates in group exhibitions and projects. From 2021 in projects with foreign artists. In 2022 took first place in the Algimantas Švėgžda drawing competition, and in the same year, became a finalist in the XIV Young Painter’s Prize competition. This year had the first personal exhibition Inside / Outside, in the VDA Gallery Academy and had a graduation show Inside / Outside in the Gallery VARTAI.


Spring Snow  
120 x 161 cm
153 x 180 cm
78 x 103 cm

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