NOBA Nordic Baltic contemporary art platform

Sprezzatura. IV, 2019

195 x 70 cm
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This work is a part of the graduation work exposition. It is an unintentional consequence of the other paintings in the exposition; although it was used as a shield against splatters of paint and dust, it developed into an independent artwork of it’s own. As the artist puts it – an indirect painting. The exposition is set as a dialogue between works that have been created intentionally and the unintentional consequences surrounding them – accidents or fragments from the artists’ studio space. Author invites the viewer to look upon both these phenomena as equally valuable, as two sides of a coin. She also poses a question – what makes effortless accidents so alluring and why do so many artists, including the author herself, strive to imitate them. The work itself is an open question; a space for the viewer to step in and find his own answer. Currently exhibited in the graduation show of Art Academy of Latvia, taking place at the Former Faculty of Biology, Kronvalda Boulevard 4, until the 28th of June.

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