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Paulina Ružauskaitė

Paulina Ružauskaitė

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Paulina Ružauskaitė is a production designer working with various video production houses on projects like films, TV commercials, music videos and other. It is within her main duties to create a solid visual aesthetic, work together with a large team as well as actively participate during the shoot. A short film “When You Cross the River” that she has recently worked on won the Best Art Department and Wardrobe Award at the Film-Ed Student Film Festival held in Dubai. Set in the 1990s, the film combined nostalgia and the everyday, and attention to detail as well as numerous creative solutions where extremely important during its production. While creating any set, it is the most essential for Paulina to attend very carefully to the detail, combine difficult patterns and colours as well as sustain the creative flow while working long and difficult shifts. Paulina has started working in this field right after having attained a BA in Film Studies and English at the University of Leicester. While looking for a deeper understanding of her career field she chose to study further and has recently graduated in MA Film Scenography at the Vilnius Academy of Arts. During these studies the artist discovered her interest in bringing art closer to the everyday life. Her final project – a fully built kitchen room installation – invited the audience to interact with this cinema decoration and feel like home at it. The project was presented as a two-week solo exhibition at Užupis Art Incubator, Vilnius. Other exhibitions of hers include a collective show at Sodų 4 Gallery in Vilnius where she and a group of other MA students presented a toilet room installation which was also highly interactive and analysed how media affects our private and public lives. Paulina has also exhibited her drawings and illustrations at a collective show held at ŠMMC Gallery in Kaunas which mostly consisted of her work. The bizarre, the weird and the unexpected is what interests Paulina most in art whether it be her main field – film scenography – or others which she loves to practice regularly including illustration, dance, music and writing.


Kitchen. The Magical Everyday Life by Paulina Ružauskaitė
Kitchen. The Magical Everyday Life  
240 x 240 cm

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