NOBA Nordic Baltic contemporary art platform

Aksel Haagensen

Artist's country of origin: Estonia

Aksel Haagensen (born 1993) is an Estonian artist working in Tallinn. He holds a BA degree from the installation and sculpture department at the Estonian Academy of Arts. In his artistic practice he works with photography and documentary theory. He is interested more in that which remains out of the shot than in the scenes depicted in photographs, both physically and theoretically. The series of light-boxes exhibited at the fair look at the capricious nature of attention directed at photographs and the fragile connection between images and captions. The work relies on the participation of the viewer.


Black Box 2  by Aksel Haagensen
Black Box 2  
11 x 11 cm
Black Box 5 by Aksel Haagensen
Black Box 5  
11 x 11 cm
Black Box 9 by Aksel Haagensen
Black Box 9  
11 x 11 cm
Black Box 17 by Aksel Haagensen
Black Box 17  
11 x 11 cm


Black Box 1  by Aksel Haagensen
Black Box 1  
11 x 11 cm

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