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Anna Pommere Emerging artist

Anna Pommere (born 1978) graduated from the Art Academy of Latvia in 2018 with a MA Degree in Painting. Despite the fact that Painting is her third higher education (after Philosophy and Computer Graphics), she considers this her real vocation. Entering the Art Academy of Latvia,she won the first place among the matriculants. During her studies, she participated in several exhibitions. Her works can be found in several private collections. Currently she is trying to develop her skills in two directions: In a classical realistic style (painting acts and portraits) and, on the other hand, in a primitive, expressive and abstract style, in which she usually creates her compositions. She paints a lot with watercolor (on canvas), because this technique allows a great degree of freedom of expression.


Our Lady in Youth  
Our Lady on Ultramarine Background  
Our Lady on Yellow Background  
Our Lady in Knight's Hat  
Jezus with His Mom  
Our Lady and Comb Honey  
Our Lady - An Estonian  


Our Lady and Comb Honey (Part 2)  


Tissues of Being