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Amanda Krumina Emerging artist

Amanda Krumina

Artist's country of origin: Latvia

Amanda Krūmiņa (born in 1989, Riga) is Latvian artist. Amanda Krūmiņa works in various techniques – painting, sculpture and crafts. The last artworks are on the border between painting and carpentry – marquetry. She has participated in group exhibitions since 2013. 2014 she exhibited work “AUSMA” (Dawn) in the framework of event “World Choir Games 2014” in Riga, Congress Hall Lobby. She has made a stone/granite sculpture (2 tons weigh) “Rain in stone”, which is currently located at the Ogre District Hospital, Ogre city.

Krūmiņa has two master degrees from the Art Academy of Latvia – sculpture and painting. Her diploma work in sculpture is “Recycle. Rebirth. Turtles.” and in painting – “Wood. Memories. Contemporary wood veneer marquetry. (Childhood shots/footage)”.



Midsummer night with grandma by Amanda Krumina
Midsummer night with grandma  
130 x 95 cm
Me with a cat by Amanda Krumina
Me with a cat  
82 x 116 cm
I'm on the goat by Amanda Krumina
I'm on the goat  
101 x 125 cm
The beginning by Amanda Krumina
The beginning  
58 x 60 cm

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