NOBA Nordic Baltic contemporary art platform

Elīna Vītola Emerging artist

Elina Vitola (born 1986) is an emerging artist from Latvia. She introduces herself as follows: “I have joyfully studied painting almost all my life, and in 2018 I am finishing MA in Art Academy of Latvia. Exhibitions that I have had the greatest pleasure to take part in, include “Children of the New East” in Tallinn Art Hall and “Viewing and Reading Room” in Kogo gallery, Tartu. Lately I have made works about abstract painting but in the nearest future I plan to paint pasta.”

Elīna Vītola vitola is represented by Kogo gallery. Portfolio


Common Issues in Painting and Every-Day Life 4 - Portrait (What Do You Represent)  
190 x 80 cm
Common issues in painting and everyday life  
50 x 50 cm
Common issues of painting and everyday life 2 - legs of a chair  
180 x 150 cm
Common Issues in Painting and Every-Day Life 5  
200 x 200 cm
Dunno on the Moon  
150 x 150 cm