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Baiba Ābelite Emerging artist

Baiba Ābelite

Artist's country of origin: Latvia

Baiba Ābelite has graduated from the Art Academy of Latvia, Bachelor of Arts, and during the last couple of years she has been focusing on various topics, including urban environment studies, its expression in art, and modern art expressions. Her speciality is painting but she uses various techniques and materials like plastic, metal and other in her art projects as it is fine to use parallel paths in art. During her artistic career she has participated in many art exhibitions, competitions and projects. Some of the most notable are the annual Baltic Hoop (joined art event and rhythmic gymnastics competition), personal and group exhibitions, two SEB Award grants in Painting, as well as international work – participation in Erasmus+ praxis in Manchester, studies/discussions in Helsinki Academy of Fine Arts (KUNO course) and, recently, an exhibition in Batumi, Georgia.


SMOG by Baiba Ābelite
150 x 300 cm

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