NOBA Nordic Baltic contemporary art platform

SMOG, 2019

150 x 300 cm

Neobond metal, print, acrylic paint, oil paint.

The existence of smog is a threat to the existence of people and nature. Smog has two natures – lack of oxygen creates a blockade which is dangerous for human life in longer period of time. Likewise, it is impossible to sustain people’s skills and reflexes in their natural, healthy state in the smog of disinformation and fake news. The more a person gets used to the assistance of modern intellect and technologies, the weaker he becomes, because his senses and coordination is entrusted to the technologies. The dominance of technologies in the daily life in the 21st century marks the end of Renaissance’s humanism by creating trans-humanism, which is, to a great extent, controlled by technologies and artificial intellect, overtaking and diminishing society’s and individual’s opportunity to make free decisions. The diptych is purposefully made of materials characteristic to industrial environment, pointing to the unbreathable, smog-like atmosphere and effect. It is my Bachelor thesis’ work, which was presented in an exhibition of the graduating students in May/June 2019. The topic “Smog” has also been earlier reflected in my art in forms of installations and also paintings of relative topics.