NOBA Nordic Baltic contemporary art platform

Aina Bikse Emerging artist

2020 – 2023 Art Academy of Latvia, MA in Audiovisual Media Arts, Visual Communication. 2015 – 2019 Art Academy of Latvia, Bachelor of Arts, Department of Visual Arts, Department of Graphic Arts. Creative activity: 02/2023 creating and co-creating duo exhibition “CAN NONS” with Lidija Zanerip, Hamburg, Germany 10/2022 developing and executing WILD PPL EXPO IV “Potential of Unrealised Traumas”, Riga, Latvia 10/2021 continuing work on exploring cicle of trees and our ability to receive their tangibility in new sensations in Rosentals-seura residency Fiskars, Finland 12/2021 WILD PPL EXPO 2021, Aarhus, Denmark


Enabled in form  
210 x 210 cm