NOBA Nordic Baltic contemporary art platform

Panacea officinalis, 2023

350 x 300 cm

Kombucha, Martens bandage, wood, mirrors, video 10 min, knitwear, embroidery

The installation consists of two objects that develop the theme of wellness in different ways. Today’s increasingly popular wellness practices show the need for alternative treatment that includes not only physical, but also emotional and psychological well-being. Through my research, I reflect on things that have been forgotten with the advancement of science. They point to a reflection on the relationship between the body and the world, which no longer has a place in modernity, but which, as health practices show, we still yearn for. My goal is to imagine what an alternative model of wellness could be. The first object is a therapeutic tool designed to relax the mind and promote a moment of transformation. The cushion used in massage chairs invites you to rest your head and immerse yourself in images from another world. It is a therapeutic tool that provides an opportunity for the emergence of a new environment and stimulates the movement of internal processes. The second object becomes a metaphorical shelter. The Martens bandage used in it provides support and structure to the kombucha skin. Bandages are associated with the context of medical care and treatment. They can point to the presence of medical professionals who care about human health. Kombucha becomes a metaphor for the skin. The skin protects the underlying tissues and organs from injury and internal damage to the body. Boundaries are constantly drawn in the skin, not only physical but also psychological. All of this is associated with an individual’s health and emotional and psychological well-being. The work was shown during “Graduation show 2023” of Vilnius Academy of Arts.