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Agathe Peri Emerging artist

Agathe Peri

Artist's country of origin: Estonia

Agathe Peri (1999) is an Estonian artist, fashion designer and stylist, who is finishing her bachelor’s degree in fashion design at the Estonian Academy of Arts. She is part of the creative collective Sorcerer, with whom she has created several collections focused on sustainable fashion, participated in two exhibitions and staged performative performances. Agathe is primarely a make-up artist, stylist and designer in Sorcerer projects. She has worked on very multifaceted projects, having been a stylist for artist Tommy Cash and assisted fashion designer Kirke Talu with collection presentations. Received a Golden Egg Award for Tommy Cash’s social media campaign in 2021. In addition to fashion design and styling projects, she has practised blacksmithing and jewellery. In Agathe’s work, timeless aesthetics meet, interweaving the mythologies of the past and the dystopias of the future into a natural unity.


Lost & Found by Agathe Peri
Lost & Found  
1 x 1 cm

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