NOBA Nordic Baltic contemporary art platform

Bonsai Kitten, 2019

1000 x 1000 cm


Bonsai Kitten is a made-up cat raising technique, when a little kitten is put in a jar or small clear container and while growing up its body fills all the free space in the container, becoming a „beautiful“ animal/house decoration. It seems that we don’t need much to go beyond the imaginary limits of humanity and sometimes we can’t even understand that we’ve done something wrong. Certain things become too self-evident, so drawing a line between “can” and “can’t” can become impossible. Not all “beautiful” is “appropriate” and not everything that’s appropriate can fully satisfy.

The first version of kinetic Bonsai Kitten installation was created in 2017 and the second one – 2019. The main reason the second version was made, was because of the importance for the artist to transfer contemporary art object from a gallery (or gallery-like) space to a movie – the second version was more fitting both contemporary art and cinematic worlds. Thanks to the object the movie, where the object played the main role, became a reticent tale about a post-apocalyptic world.  Artist now works both as a scenographer in movies and as a sculptor. She thinks that these two artistic fields can cooperate and together create something really spectacular and extraordinary, and the artworks, used in movies can still be exhibited in galleries or museums. This artwork (movie) is now being showed in annual VAA (Vilnius Academy of Arts) event Meno Celes’19.

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221 x 190 cm