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Lasma Bringina

Lasma Bringina has two Master’s Degrees – in Environmental art (2018) and Painting/ Drawing specialzation (2020) at Art Academia of Latvia. Previously graduated Environmental art at the Bachelor’s Degree (2016) . Additionally, learned photography, printmaking, graphic arts. She creates artworks in various media. Her works are characterized by their ability to act on a person, forcing the viewer to think in front of their message. She has been participating in several group exhibitions since 2016; hosted her first solo-exhibition “On the edge of consciousness” at 2018. At 2019 has been shortlisted in WROCLAW DRAWING TRIENNIAL 2019 organized open call exhibition WELTSCHMERZ. Currently experimenting with various techniques of drawing and bringing a contemporary feature in to the process to study deep emotional states and distancing from them.


Embryo I  
Embryo II  
Embryo III  
Matrix I  
Matrix II  
Matrix III