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Lassi Kontiainen Noor kunstnik

Kunstniku päritolumaa: Soome

Lassi Kontiainen (b. 1999) works and lives in Helsinki, Finland. He is finishing his BFA degree in 2023 and starting his MFA studies in the beginning of 2024 at the University of Fine Arts Helsinki.


Working with oil paints, he uses layering to grant chance a more significant role in the process. This enables him to select elements within the paintings rather than design and execute. His interests in bodily sensation and phases of the natural life cycle influence his use of color and figurative elements throughout the process, typically involving a journey that evolves from the formation of a figure to its fragmentation until a point of unrecognition is reached.


untitled 1 - Lassi Kontiainen
untitled 1  
180 x 150 cm
untitled 2 - Lassi Kontiainen
untitled 2  
180 x 150 cm

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