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Embryo II, 2020


ink on canvas The form and content of the works are determined by the analysis of personally lived situations, states of mind, and physical activities in a specific period of life, which is associated with deep emotional states and distancing from them, understood by everyone as depression. Abstract compositions create a surreal mood outside of time and dimension. Neutral observer encounters a form of interaction between the environment and an adult figure that does not exist in human consciousness – the mood and technical performance of the work creates a sense of a sonographic image, looking at an adult figure in an impossible but seemingly safest environment in the human life cycle. The means of expression used are of a semiotic nature and as a totality have been developed in the process, looking at such a seemingly difficult topic not so much emotionally, but lived through material. The experiment of transferring emotions in the material can be considered as one of the tasks of the work development process, as the material itself and its characteristics are as narrating as the chosen system of character and symbols. The experience of deeply emotional states and distancing from them was repeatedly experienced by analysing ink as a basic technique. Emotions are played out in its saturation and fragility at the same time, in black nuances and warm-cool relationships. In the realization of the work, my own work techniques have been sought out and developed. The importance of self-portrait is in the transmission of personal feelings. As the closest means of expression, the body itself, becomes an information carrier, an elusive space impregnated with the experience.

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