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Egert Tischler

Kunstniku päritolumaa: Eesti

Tischler uses different mediums, oil paint as the main tool for certain technical properties. His style is varied, which means I’m not afraid to move from a completely abstract depiction to realism. He has been compared to chameleon many times in terms of his ability to jump between styles. It became a pseudonym for Leon Kamé (from estonian word kameeleon) which he uses in parallel with my real name. Rhythm, contrast and the relationship between colors are important to him in painting. With his paintings he tries to activate emotions and physical sensations in the experiencer of the work, which leaves a certain mark. In addition to classical painting techniques, he uses digital painting, installation, video and sound in his art practice. In his dissertation, he uses painting techniques to enter a public space and paint seagull faeces on the street paving, which he filmed in different locations. The result is an abstract painting in the sphere of street art, on the basis of which he swings between contemporary painting and street art. Through this activity, he deals with reaching a state of bliss during human experience. For him, painting seagull stools on asphalt is like writing scriptures or painting mandalas. His works can be seen as wordless poetry, which by their nature speak of the joys and sufferings of life. He is into creating my own rituals that create meaning for life experience. In his recent creation he has been very imaginative, he draws characters and shapes from imagination and not from reference, this practice is really useful for overall artistic development and leads to interesting places. He draws classically and digitally with iPad. His latest important event was graduation exhibition TASE 2021 where he was successful and got good feedback. He already got into masters programme in fine arts, Estonian Art Academy.


The last bite - Egert Tischler
The last bite  
145.5 x 130 cm

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