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Inari Sandell Noor kunstnik

Inari Sandell is a multidisciplinary visual artist based in Helsinki. Their lens-based and sculptural work takes form as installations, addressing themes of coping, rest and sensory experience entangled with post-digital and post-human millennial existence. Often inspired by mundane objects, Sandell’s work combines photography and moving image with delicate textile and sharp and heavy materials like glass and metal. 

Influenced by their own neurodivergence, Sandell is interested in disturbing conventions of neuronormativity. In their work these bodily and cognitive norms begin to blur and make way for alternative conceptions from a point of view of neurodiversity and queerness.

Sandell’s most recent solo show Gravity Blanket was in 2021 at Titanik (FI) and their work has been exhibited in Finland and internationally in galleries, museums and festivals including Hafnarborg Centre of Culture and Fine Art (IS), UKS (NO), Photographic Centre Peri (FI), SIC (FI), Exhibition Laboratory (FI), The Finnish Cultural Institute in New York (US), and Athens Photo Festival (GR), among others. Sandell graduated from Uniarts Helsinki with MFA in time and space arts in 2023.


Artworks from installation Gravity Blanket. Frayed polyester chiffon in green and fingers  
135 x 100 cm
Artworks from installation Gravity Blanket: Hand dyed silk in green and pink  
82 x 60 cm
Hand dyed silk in green, blue and purple  
82 x 60 cm
Soft tulle in teal and pink  
72 x 100 cm


Gravity Blanket  
215 x 150 cm
Burnout Blanket  
195 x 117 cm
Artworks from installation Gravity Blanket: Triggers  
15 x 15 cm