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SILDID: NOBA Award´23  

Waves, 2022

80 x 110 cm

Canvas, ink, charcoal, indian ink

Project “Illusory reality” In the project, I have focused on experimenting with techniques of printmaking and painting, with the aim of combining these techniques. The art pieces created in my own technique on canvas are rich in lines, scratches, and colour splashes that are achieved through the fusion of printmaking and painting techniques. The visual qualities of the artworks created in my own technique significantly differ from those that can be achieved with a traditional brushstroke on canvas. In these works, I place great importance on accidentally, which give the artworks their uniqueness. The combination of black-blue-gray color palette with the whiteness of the canvas conveys a subtle and elusive message about the fragility of moments experienced and memories. The paintings in the series of Illusory Realities exude sensitivity and mystery, expressed through nuanced tonality, vibrations of lines and fields, creating dream-like cityscapes, seascapes, and landscapes that approach poetic abstraction. The project received recognition and was crowned with further collaboration with ArtPlatz Gallery.

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