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The Sandbox We Were Given, 2019

250 x 300 cm

Painted metal, sand

“My project is part of an ongoing artistic research on memory associations and performative use value of the sculptural installation “The Sandbox We Were Given” (sculpture, coloured metal, sand, sound) and performance. The light blue sculpture is a simulacrum of the carpet hanger from my childhood, located in the courtyard of a concrete block of flats in Haapsalu where I lived between the years of three and five, a sensitive age for forming first memories. The object works as a memory activator especially for my generation, but also to younger and older audiences. The sculptural object has also been a starting point for several different performative actions in different media. The initial image for the sculpture, the carpet hanger, has been borrowed from the context of Soviet residential neighbourhoods. I commissioned Estonian artist Tõnu Narro to execute a replica in real life scale. I constructed the blueprints for the object based on personal subjective memories. During the following period of the project I have attempted to relate with the sculpture in a number of ways— photographed it in in gallery space (Kai Art Centre, Tallinn Art Hall, ARS Project Space), photographed it on the street, carried it to around to different places, taken it into pieces and reassembled it again, while documenting the process; I have climbed on it and hanged from it in different locations within the city context. I have taken it into parts and reassembled it while documenting the process. The key here is the illusory opportunity which could revert the viewers to the potentialities of their childhood, offering a release from oneself. The strong possibility of potential interaction is coded into my installation— it is being offered as an open stage.”

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