NOBA Põhja- ja Baltimaade kaasaegse kunsti keskkond

Silvia Sosaar Noor kunstnik

Silvia Sosaar (b. 1979) is an artist living and working in Tallinn. She has an MA from Contemporary Art Dept. of Estonian Academy of Arts. She uses a contemporary work of art to be a so-called (user) interface between the creator, context of creation and the audience. Her activity as an artist is based on mutual creative cooperation and adventures with people that I have chosen. Sosaar has experimented with the analysis of femininity from the neo-pop viewpoint; street-level action; performances at rock concerts; a video production on the topics of mental health based on a literary work; an anthropological study of a profession; including amateurs, etc She is the co-founder and general manager of the publishing house ‘;paranoia’ and has participated at numerous performances of the presentations of publication. Sosaar is a founder of publishing house ‘skaala publishing’. She is also a member of the artists’ performative musical group ‘Karamell’.


E18 error  
83 x 111 cm
E18 error 1-18  
30 x 21 cm
Universumi viimane nafta - neoonmust  
71 x 204 cm


See liivakast, mis meile anti  
200 x 185 cm


E18 error. Interlüüd  
125 x 40 cm


The Sandbox We Were Given  
250 x 300 cm