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Inverted Profile, 2022

120 x 60 cm

Mirror, plaster, text, voice I.

You can’t see me.

I see myself as a sculpture.

I see myself as a broken mirror.

I see myself as a black dancer. as a screaming mouth.

You are a screaming mouth, a black dancer and a broken mirror. (loud laughter) It wasn’t a real laughter. What is certain is that you are in my dark room. What do you like best about my darkroom? Do you see yourself in a broken mirror? You are broken, you are of particles, you are a particle. You are a particle that is made of particles, you are continuous, you are eternal. Regardless, you are lost. You are lost. You are lost. You are lost. You feel it. And you can see it all in these little shards of broken mirror. You are not alone here. You are not alone here. What a shame. I would love to be here alone with you. Would be a lot of fun. It wouldn’t be fun at all. It would be more honest. Too much mindfuck. Do not look at the light. Look at the shadow. The shadow shows the direction of the light source. The shadow shows the light. Indeed, the shadow is the light. Shadow is the other side of light. My other side. I am your other half. Inverted. * The work “Inverted profile” consists of three segments that create an impressive audiovisual impression. This is the author’s self-portrait, recorded text and a living moving body. All three segments interact and complement each other, revealing the feeling of “injection”, otherness, unknowability. The visual object is a self-portrait covered with shards of a broken mirror. The portrait covered with combs creates the impression of a vulnerable, fragile, breaking person, the only detail not covered with combs is the man’s screaming mouth. It symbolizes inner anxiety, desperation, suppressed helplessness. The shards of the mirror reflecting the environment and other people remind us of the important moment of looking at the “other”. In the text that sounds during the performance, the two states of consciousness and subconsciousness are mixed, thus creating a feeling of wandering between “real-false”, a dreamlike atmosphere that exists between reality and fiction. The recorded text is said softly, slowly, creating an intimate, somewhat hypnotic relationship with the viewer.



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