NOBA Põhja- ja Baltimaade kaasaegse kunsti keskkond


90 x 75 cm

Mirror, metal, putoplast

The performance “DEMO VERSIO” talks about a broken, split world and the constant attempt to mold it. In the context of current world transformations and tragedies, the work talks about the impossibility of communication, but the ever-present naive hope of being heard and understood. The performance consists of several elements: a hanging small room made of mirrors (the inside is a room made of shards of a mirror, the outside is a room made of solid faces), a performer inside it, a text spoken in Esperanto, and a projection constantly broadcasting the ongoing action. Spectators can watch the action from outside, but are welcome to visit the room. A session per person lasts about 4 minutes. The shards of the mirror inside the cube are also constantly being bitten by the acid, so the inside is constantly changing its shape very slowly. The duration of the piece can be adjusted, from 1.5 hours to the desired time. *

“I invite you to the demo version of our world. A room with broken mirrors hangs in the room (75x75x90). I am waiting for you inside it. I’m wearing a white suit. You can sneak inside the room one at a time. When you dive in, I’ll speak the text I created. This will take about four minutes. The text will be in Esperanto. Esperanto – how naive hope to communicate. Mirror shards as pixels. Time is like acid.




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