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SILDID: NOBA Award´20  

Intuitive composition - Instruments, 2020

999 x 999 cm

wooden sticks, cotton and linen threads I created intuitive compositions of wooden logs based on the personal intuitive creative method, which I developed during my master‘s studies. I tried to include spontaneity, impulsivity and intuition in the creative process. I was greatly influenced by emotions, imagination, dreams. These irrational tools influenced the artistic image of the objects. In the creative process, I avoided everything that is contrary to intuition – racional logical thinking, reasoning, conscious association or naming of objects. I focused only on my inner state, which I conveyed with my intuitive compositions. The dimensions and layout of the compositions vary depending on the place and time and, of course, on my internal state. The creative process seems to continue in time, because I compose logs in each space differently. The autotherapeutic aspect is important in the works, as the intuitive placement of the elements helps to soothe intrusive thoughts and to express myself freely and spontaneously. The starting point of the works is the traditional textile printing technique – shibori. More precisely, it is auxiliaries used for dyeing fabric, which after dyeing is no longer usefull anywhere and are unnecessary. I noticed the auxiliary tools of dyeing – wooden logs and sticks as interesting materials and tried to give them creative meaning. I tied these tools with thread, dyed it together with the cloth, dipped it in liquid dyes and watched its flow. And the whole creative process, from dyeing the logs to intuitive laying, was therapeutic for me. Intuitive compositions – simple, minimalist, completely unambitious. It arise naturally from my daily routine and is housed in natural and vibrant environment. It vibrate the space and the vibrated space reveals itself.

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