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Astra Senberga

Astra Senberga

Kunstniku päritolumaa: Läti

Studies in Master’s programme of the Ceramic department of The Art Academy of Latvia (2018-2020) significantly widened artist comprehension of ceramic as a science of different technologies with inexhaustible possibilities. Study process with experimenting, looking around to see how and what others do and negotiating with ceramic art and design professionals, as well as interaction with course mates gave her a rich experience. Developing of conceptual thinking and participation in wooden kiln ceramic firings.

PARTICIPATION IN EXHIBITIONS & SYMPOSIUMS – 14th international small form porcelain exhibition “Asimetric movements” in Riga Porcelain museum, November 2020. – International ceramics symposium “Dialogue” in Jūrmala/ Ikšķile, September 2020. – Exhibition “Sculpture. Object” in Kuldīga Art House, July-September 2020. – Digital exhibition of the graduates of Art Academy of Latvia from June 2020 https://virtuaal.lma.lv/gallery/main – Latvian Contemporary Ceramics exhibition “36” at Transylvania History Museum within frames of Cluj International Ceramics Biennale, July 2019 and in International ceramics studio in Kecskemet Hungary, October 2019. – Exhibition “Design in Latvia’s ceramics in 21st century” in Riga Design and Art school, September 2019. – International ceramics symposium “Stroika” in Rīga, Ikšķile, September 2019. – Exhibition “Human senses” in art gallery “Istaba” in Riga, December 2018. – 11th international small form porcelain exhibition “White noise” in Riga Porcelain museum, October 2017. – Diploma work “Combine” for graduation of Riga Design and Art school was exponated in international design exhibition “London Design Fair” in London in September 2017, Riga international design exhibition “Design Isle” in October 2017. AWARDS Latvian Design Union’s design award in school competition 2017. Category Goods design, subcategory Design samples and conceptions. 1st place for the set of ceramic snack dishes “Combine”.


Keep 2m distance - Astra Senberga
Keep 2m distance  
170 x 50 cm
Up - Astra Senberga
15 x 15 cm
Tableware set - Astra Senberga
Tableware set  
10 x 30 cm

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