NOBA Põhja- ja Baltimaade kaasaegse kunsti keskkond
SILDID: NOBA Award´24  

I didn't await tomorrow, yet it arrived nonetheless, 2024

300 x 300 cm

Mixed media

Paradoxically, every living organism that exists in the entire universe is possibly equally limited within the confines of its consciousness. We are simultaneously integral components of a vast, interconnected, multifaceted web of life. From the microscopic to the macroscopic, every atom and molecule that makes up a living being is connected to cosmic existence. The innate desire to know what is unknown highlights our insatiable curiosity and true desire for understanding. Yet, paradoxically, the more one seeks to understand, the more one encounters the limits of one’s understanding. The vastness of space, the complexity of quantum mechanics, and the enigma of consciousness all remind us of the inherent limitations of human cognition. Therefore, “I didn’t await tomorrow, yet it arrived nonetheless” is a reconciliation with the necessity of the unknown, with incompatibility as a fundamental principle of the flow of time, and with the fact that tomorrow will come even without us. This installation was exhibited in 2024 in the Meno Parkas Gallery, Kaunas, Lithuania.