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Antechamber, 2023

This work was my solution for distilling the essence of my primary thesis work (the “Silence Chamber”) in a forest site into the gallery space for the thesis exhibition without using photo documentation. The dioramas are loosely translated topographical maps of the forest site, including a miniature model of the chamber made of woven branches. The segments of these “maps” become like islands for bodies to move between. Their surfaces were designed not for aesthetic appearance, but specifically for touch. Touch was the primary sense through which the artwork was “read” and “seen.” The pitch-dark room was filled with sounds from the forest and every 2 minutes a dim light came on and then quickly faded. With it came my voice performing fragmented poetic texts – all words derived from the journal I kept during my work in the forest and experiences with visitors. The concepts imbedded speak to the nature of touch, time, perception, silence and darkness. I was interested in the darkness of the room dissolving boundaries of the inhabitant’s body and creating another kind of chamber where they were immersed in a different perception of time and space.



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Silence Chamber - Alyssa Coffin
Silence Chamber  
1 x 1 cm
Silent Dialogue - Alyssa Coffin
Silent Dialogue  
100 x 50 cm