NOBA Põhja- ja Baltimaade kaasaegse kunsti keskkond

A collection of simplified objects, 2021

Cement, plastic fabric, spray- and acrylic paint , wood

An installation reminds one of a never-ending working process or a construction site that extends all the way back to the studio. It is part of the studio and its incomplete foundation, out of which more space may be created. Pillars are supporting structures that, as a group, form the base of a larger structure. Could a smiley face, for example, be considered to represent an experience related to time spent together and the shared sense of joy that comes with it? Objects set against the wall are longing for a bygone era in a place that no longer exists. The installation is an extract of a shared experience. It is based on a couple of Estonian construction workers who were renovating my friend’s flat. Before the renovation could be finished, however, the construction workers had to go on another assignment in Antarctica. After their gruelling spell in Antarctica, the workers came back to finish the renovation. As they were working, the workers accidentally placed their belongings amongst the residents’ personal property. The traces of objects, items and the renovation work were in a mixed order inside the flat. The objects were no longer in their original place, and nothing in the space remained as it used to. How we define that what is really finished in art or life?

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