NOBA Põhja- ja Baltimaade kaasaegse kunsti keskkond

Keep 2m distance, 2020

170 x 50 cm

Stoneware, glaze, wire rope, metal slamps. Sizes of the work: 170x50x800cm

Diploma work “Keep 2m distance” has exhibited in exhibition “Sculpture. Object” in Kuldīga Art House, July-September 2020 and in Digital exhibition of the graduates of Art Academy of Latvia starting from June 2020. Diploma work was installed in Jurmala City Museum for the photography purposes because of the pandemic situation and a need for online presentation.

The idea of the work: Every day we are faced with various paradoxes of life, which we perceive as generally accepted norms of society. One of the characteristics of contemporary life is waiting/ standing in queues, which coexists with the constant rush of life. I wanted to reproduce today’s situation – to create a group of figurative sculptures as a drawing in the environment, as well as by using visual means of expression invite the audience to look at the queuing from the side and to think how much time we spend waiting. Taking into account the current situation of COVID-19 at the time of creating the work, I named the work “Keep 2 m distance”, which is a witness/ reflection of the era and tells about the actuality of 2020 – unprecedented social constraints and queuing arrangements. Figural group from different points of view creates a different compositional impression. The line becomes a three-dimensional object. In front view, as the images are transparent, the first figural object is clearly legible, while the others form an irregular direction lines in the depth of the space. From the side view – only vertical lines are visible, but at any other angle they form different compositions, a peculiar mixture of lines. In addition to the conceptual idea, the work is experimental, the fragile shapes are made of heavy material – stoneware. 


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