NOBA Põhja- ja Baltimaade kaasaegse kunsti keskkond

SILDID: NOBA Award´21  

2365132101250005 km long lasting blooming, 2021

Polyester resin, wood, inkjet print

“In 2021, as a graduation work from the Art Academy of Latvia I created the mixed media installation “2365132101250005 km long lasting blooming “. The aim of the work was to observe the environment and relationship between the objects in it and society. To select at least one element, which can be used to create new forms, an installation, which includes a set of meanings that represent the formation of a place’s identity, how it is affected by the architecture, the way it is formed, transformed or lost over time. In 2019 the municipality had planned to demolish the barn of Vārme manor, which had not been used or repaired for years and was in poor technical condition, and to create a parking lot instead of historical building. Manor building ensembles have become a space between different cultures and times, which shows past in architectural structures, how they have influenced by different political and economical circumstances and survived to the present day. Vārme manor is located near to place where I grow up in the countryside of Latvia. I tried to prevent the demolition of buildings, I was standing for preservation and became interested in the architecture and history of the manors. From the artefacts found in the area of the barn, in 2019 I created the installation “Parking project” for the group exhibition “Hospitality” at the Kuldiga Artists’ Residence Gallery. Shortly after the dismantling was stopped details of decorative wall paintings were discovered indoors in one of the manor buildings under several layers of paint, including a floral ornament from 18th-century 3rd quarter, the silhouette of which I used when developed objects for the installation. The fragile, semi-transparent but at the same time robust object, made from the polyester resin contain small pieces of dried paint, which were removed from the wall to reveal the previously coated decorative painting. The ornament is removed from the place where it could no longer express or show itself and begins an autonomous existence outside the wall, historical building or manor, movable wherever I want to place it, where it takes shape and meaning. I proposed to include the manor in the list of cultural monuments, that made this building a State Protected Architectural Monument in spring 2021, when I was developing graduation project. Installation includes photo prints, and seemingly boring documents – instructions of the preservation of an architectural monument, entrusted on responsibilities and obligations addressed to me. Pictures of the historical manor building is taken in 2021 and also in 1970s from Cultural Monuments Documentation Archive. These photos and documents exposure environment and context of research. Time is often perceived as distance between events, as time interval. We also sometimes measure the movement between geographical points as the time we spend on the road. In order to increase the feeling of long distance between different times, we can also try to express it, for example in light years – the distance that light travels in one year. And if we assume that the ornament was painted on the wall in Vārme ~ 250 years ago and that one light year corresponds to about 9.5 trillion kilometers (9.46 x 1012 km), the duration after converting units of measure, it is 2365132101250005 km or the understanding of a relatively long distance and the appearance of something far, immeasurable, innumerable, almost infinite. Long-term collaboration has taken place between those who have lived in the same environment, between the artist or designer who once painted the flower ornament and the author who noticed it and connected with its opportunity to become an art form and meet the spectator. There is a contemplation about the inevitable processes of decomposition, about the unwillingness to give up the symbols encountered and used in the environment, reflections on the inability to appreciate them”