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Foreign body VII, 2019

70 x 50 cm

charcoal and reflective beads on canvas

Have we, as human beings, became a foreign body in the scope of nature? In this serie of work I explore the connection/disconnection of human species from its origins in the natural world, as well as the irritating impact of leftover, synthetic matter on our body, physical and mental wellbeing. We have traces of animal origins evident in our bodies, but our mental self image couldnt be more distant from our roots in natural world. Maybe this disconnection is the cause of environmental problems we are facing? Imagery is built around two main characters – living matter, abstract bodies that resemble human form, and the artificial matter – geometrical shapes that act as a metaphor of physical elements and/or philosophical ideas. Bright red colour is nature`s way to warn about danger, reflective paint is the urban analogue made for the same purpose. Flesh twists and bends in the state of artificial discomfort caused by the impact of these synthetic elements. Just as oyster does, when it gets a grain of sand inside it`s shell, or as humans do, when they try to undo the damage caused by their actions or ideas. But unlike the oyster, we still haven`t found the way to make pearls out of these harmfull traces of our existence. Maybe now is the time to become just a little bit more humble, and reassess where we stand in relation to nature? The goal of this body of work is to create powerfull but ambiguous imagery, that would pose questions, rather than give answers. To provoke emotional, rather than rational response. Because, just like warning colours, emotions are very hard to ignore.

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