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Exhibition “Frame grabber” has also captured himself among the pop culture symbols and icons of the era. With the help of pictorial means of expression, the captured moment in Ritums Ivanovs’ works transforms the icons and symbols of today, as well as those of bygone times, into a different dimension of perception, forcing the viewer to be addressed in a new, and as yet unknown, language.

The exhibition is a continuation of the collaboration between the artist and Kuldīgas Mākslinieku rezidence, which commenced in 2013. A number of students from Kuldīga Art School also contributed to the creation of a special self-portrait of Ritums Ivanovs which can also be viewed at the exhibition. Alongside the exhibited self-portraits which were created at different times, viewers are also offered the opportunity to become involved in an original game, where each participant can become a frame grabber by selecting their own perspective.
In the latest series, Raugoties saulē [Sungaizng], in which people who are close and well-known are portrayed, the artist has rejected the line technique which is so dear to him and characteristic of his work. Raugoties saulē was inspired by the time he spent at an art residency in Abu Dhabi (UAE) in 2015.
Work from series of works created at different times will be on show together at the exhibition. “It’s interesting, at times, to review what already exists and to understand, how a new context emerges from existing paintings.” Ritums Ivanovs reflects on the creation of the exhibition in this way. Alongside the latest series Raugoties saulē, works from the series: Symbol of Illusion, Dreamers, Erotic Movie and Stars. Lights on can be seen, in which the kind of culture which shows the era and is characteristic of today, is looked at through a visual prism.
Ritums Ivanovs (1968) graduated from the Janis Rozentāls Art High School (1987), continued his studies at the Latvian Academy of Art (1994) and studied at Humboldt University in the USA. Ritums Ivanovs’ paintings, his solo exhibitions, and group expositions have been held in the USA, France, Switzerland, Germany, Estonia, Qatar, Austria, Russia, the Netherlands, Sweden, Lithuania, Great Britain and Belgium. Many of his works can be found in various national art museums and in private collections. In 2009, Ivanovs’ work FRAME 05 was sold at Sotheby’s, the prestigious British auction house.

The exhibition is being held by Kuldīgas mākslinieku rezidence in collaboration with Kuldīga Art House.
Kuldīga Art House in Kuldīga is located at 1905. gada ielā 6. The exhibition will be on show until 13th March.

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