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NFT art is surely a buzz of 2021. in an article published in Arterritory Sergej Timofejev interviewed a well-known NFT collector Edgar Aronov to find out what is NFT really about. Who are NFT buyers and collectors, and how many different formats of NFT artworks are there?

In the interview, Aronov also sheds a light on the Mutagen project. He teamed up with Olga Temnikova and the artists of her gallery to launch the Mutagen NFT collection in early August; it took three hours to get sold out for approximately 1.4 million USD. What made it so special? The collection was different from others constantly on offer in the NFT market in that the objects for it were created by institutionally recognised artists like Tommy Cash or Katja Novitskova, who were specially invited by the Temnikova & Kasela gallery to reflect on this trend in art and the art market.

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